Hard To Love (Tim Meyer)

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This is my first post on here. I really like this blog, I really don’t know if anyone reads it but I feel like a good step to really making it a part of CB is for people besides Josh to do entries. I don’t know if this really has any inspiration or good stories, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. That being said, I’ll begin.

Why are we afraid to love? I should rephrase that. Why are we afraid to love the people who are hard to love? For you are involved in CB you can probably think of quite a few examples of people you have met who you would consider hard to love. Even for people who are not involved with CB probably know someone who whenever you see that person you’re reaction isn’t to run up and give them a hug. I know I have those people in my life. But why is that? To paraphrase JESUS (and by that I mean I’m too lazy to actually look up a verse) “Love everyone, all the time, no exceptions”. Is it human nature that we just can’t love everyone? I think about that every time I walk through Lower Wacker or down Adams Street and talk to a drunk guy who’s using all his money on alcohol. Or the guy or girl who takes a sandwich bag and complain about what kind of chips are in there. Or the person who swindles and manipulates you into trusting believing in them and providing them with financial support only to find out that they are just taking you for a ride. I can go on and on. And for me at least I find these people really hard to love most of the time. And I hate this. I want to love everyone. I don’t want to discriminate, giving all my love and attention and care to those who are kind to me. That’s such a worldly view of love. In the world, love is a reciprocal thing. I love you, you love me, vice versa. But that’s not the kind of love JESUS talks about or has for us. JESUS loves us DESPITE what we do, not BECAUSE of what we do. Shouldn’t we do the same? A lot of us know those bracelets, necklaces, etc. that say WWJD (What Would JESUS Do) on them. How many of us actually even try to live like JESUS? I want to. You know what? I’m going to fail miserably because I cannot even come close to the glory of GOD. But should we let the fact that we can’t do something 100% keep us from trying? I don’t want to be content living like the rest of the world. I want people to see me and know something is up. That something about me is different from another random 17 year old they see walking down the street. I don’t know what yall think about this, usually when I just spit something out without consulting anyone I’m told that what I said (or in this case wrote) is hypocritical, theologically unsound, blasphemous, you get the picture. I hope not in this case. We will see I suppose. I want to live my life in this simple way that Shane Claiborne laid out in The Irresistible Revolution. Six words. Love GOD. Love people. Follow JESUS. Could it really be that simple?

May the LORD bless you with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places,

Tim Meyer

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