“Homeless Ministry?” (Tim Meyer)

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When people ask what we at Chicago’s Beloved do, most of the people I know involved, some good friends, some just acquaintances, refer to it as a homeless ministry. “What are you guys taking the train down to Chicago for?” “Homeless ministry” what most people I know i CB would reply. I know it’s hard to think of something that accurately describes what we do, but I don’t think “homeless ministry” is the right term. I don’t hang out in Chicago every Saturday to minister to homeless people. I do it because I love the people there and want to the spread the love of JESUS and I believe that the best way for someone to know the love of JESUS is not to be told of it but to feel it from another human being. We need to be less concerned with street evangelism and more concerned with just loving people, whether they or homeless or not homeless. The reason we focus on the homeless is because they are some of the people needing love the most. Why do we give out sandwiches and water and clothes and all that kind of stuff? Not as some form of charity but because these are our brothers and sisters in CHRIST! We view the people we are “ministering” to as a project, not as a member of our family. We should love them not because they are poor and people will think we are good people if we help the poor, but because we are not going to walk by our brother or sister when they are hungry or cold or suffering and ignore them. Do understand, I am by no way saying that I am not guilty of that. Too often I am too concerned with what I am doing, how I am feeling, and while it is important to be mindful of yourself, we must not become narcissists who love only to be loved in return. I don’t know how well this message will sit with a lot of people but it’s something that has been on my mind for months now. For those of you regularly involved at CB, I would like you think about your motivations, before CB, during CB, and after CB. Thank you.

May the LORD bless you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places,


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  1. David Rodgers says:

    Would like to learn more on how I can get myself and my ministry more involved in helping you all out. Rob Cook lead me to your site and suggested I check y’all out.

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