Quick Look at Daniel 3 (The Musings of a CB-er, with help from A.W.)

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I want to send a shout out across the CB world to Andrew Webb, who drew up the most amazing notes of last CB’s Biblestudy, which I missed, on Daniel 3.

I commence:

CB Daniel 3

~ Neb makes a god and orders everyone to worship it! or be cast into the furnace… (vss 1-7)

~Shad, Mi, and Ab (vss 8-12) say “no way!”

~Test of integrity..

~How do we respond today when we are tempted to worship false “gods”?
-gods of cheating, lying, self, drugs, stealing, etc

~Shad, Mi, and Ab were thrown in the furnace!
–> JESUS was there with them

~As we go through the “firey furnaces” (aka, trials and tribulations) of life, we know that we can withstand anything because Christ is right there with us!

~ God is protecting us and watching over us- look at the contrast between Shad, Mi, and Ab, and the mighty army men [who were killed when they were close to the furnace, because it was so hot]

~Know that as you live for God, people will notice it- you will stand out! Look at Neb’s response! [He told his entire kingdom to acknowledge the God of the Israelites and praised God himself]

~ Live for God. Walk in integrity. Know that when you are thrown into the firey furnaces of trials and tribulations that JESUS is right there with you!


We love and appreciate you, too, Andrew! :) What more is there to say? Amen.

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