A Month in Review (Josh)

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The following are updates I have posted on the event pages over the past month that I wanted to highlight on this blog. these are both taken from our prayer request section.

Sept. 17th- There are quiet a few Godly, and highly spiritual members of our community who possess a certain quality. I can even fall into this category (probably more often than most, as I have been learning lately). The thing that I ask for prayer for is two fold, that we would still grow together in Christ, learning, and staying passionate. And that through and in that, we would be phenomenally (not using this word as “really” but as a phenomena) humbled. In our faith, we are often dogmatic, mean, and condemning. We struggle to show love and grace in our conversations, and I have seen these guys in the past few weeks scare people away, and turn people off of bible study’s and christianity, because of their doctrinal legalism and arrogant superiority. I’m sorry if I’ve done this to you (implicitly or explicitly) I hope you can forgive me. And I haven’t addressed these guys about it yet, but I need to, and I don’t know how. All I know is they need love and grace, and so do I and so do you. God help us

Oct 15th- For guys not to think they need to impress us by how spiritual they are, Godly they are, I hate hearing people talk about how they chose that life to minister to guys on the street, and I hate hearing guys gossip about each other out of jealousy, and thinking we favor certain guys. I hope we can break down those divisions in their own culture and in our own and that we can have civil conversations that bring us closer together and to God. If people no longer feel the need to impress a certain idea of who they are or who they should be on us, than they can be themselves and know that we love and care about them for who they are, not for who we think that should be or what they should be doing…

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  1. David Romesburg says:

    ok…so I know it’s almost a year after you wrote this, but I just wanna say that I read it for the first time just now, and wow…it’s a good word bro. I see both of these thoughts as being so relevant to my life. I often fall into both of the vices listed above: (1) being over zealous and dogmatic and lacking in gentleness and (2) having the desire to impress others with how ‘spiritual’ I am. God please make me humble. Thanks for that challenge Josh. It’s still bearing fruit a year later.

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