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We’re a group of people who go into the streets of Chicago every Saturday to develop relationships, and show love to anyone who will listen. (Anyone at all… If they run we chase them, tie them down, and then they tend to listen… please note that this is said in jest. We do not condone the use of violent behavior to get people to listen to us.) However, we do end up meeting some very interesting and wonderful people.


You might have noticed that I’ve avoided using the description of “homeless” thus far. This is mainly because it doesn’t really describe the people we meet. Homeless means “Having no home”. Most of the people we serve are repudiated. They’re cast off and people refuse to acknowledge them. While we do meet many “Street People”, “Homeless”, and “Repudiated People”, we are open to sharing love to anyone and everyone. (By the way, did I mention that we REALLY love people!?!)


This one is easy! 4:00pm to about 7:00pm EVERY Saturday.


Inside the Southwest doors (first floor) of Ogilvie Transportation Center located: Click Here to see where in Google Maps.


These are completely unnecessary questions. Run, jump, hop, skip, fly, boat, crawl, zip, zap, or carpool with someone (That’s the green thing to do!) to get there. If you need to be lined up with a ride or need more information on how to get there, Click here to contact someone!